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Wet Cutting Hand Held Core Drill Bits

Wet Drilling Core Drill Bits - For use on any core drilling machine. #1 Selling Diamond Core bit! Dynatech wet cut diamond core drill bits are made for use on core drill machines. From hard concrete with steel reinforcing to easier to drill materials such as asphalt, brick, and block. Dynatech wet cut diamond core bits provide fast, trouble free drilling and give a long service life. All Dynatech wet cut core drill bits are made with a maximum diamond concentration and are available in Premium grade only. All sizes listed are stocked with a 13" drilling capacity. Deeper holes can be drilled by using Dynatech bit extensions. Dynatech can also make your bits as long or as short as needed. All wet cutting bits 1 5/8" o.d. and larger come stock with 1 1/4" -7 thread - 1 1/2" o.d. and smaller bits come stock with 5/8"-11 thread welded in adapter. Dynatech core bit adapters can adapt any size bit to any size thread. Dynatech specializes in custom-made bits of any size and any type application. If you need it, we will make it.