• 3-4 Times Faster and TWICE the life of Diamond Blades!
  • Our system is Better Engineered and Better Built


  • Replacement costs are HALF of the initial purchase
  • Initial purchase is a FRACTION of any competitor


  • PCD Diamond Heads for any machine from small walk behinds to large truck mount units
  • More convenience in changing Cutterz, WAY less down time
  • “One time buy” on plates/arbor/ end plates means you SAVE!
  • No expensive drum to “balance” or put on with a crane or lift

PCD Cutterz

pcd-cutterz.pngPCD Cutters have been used for years to drill oil wells and mining hard materials. PCD’s are made from the same diamonds that we use to make our Diamond Saw Blades. The small crystals are put in a mold with tremendous heat and pressure, they are turned into a PCD insert. Our specs and bonds are superior to anything else  at Dynatech, the insert is made with higher quality Diamonds, better bonding agents  with a Superior seamless connection, and a stronger Carbide substrate which gives you a faster cutting tool that will last longer and be more profitable.

These PCD inserts have greatly increased the life of the cutting head and the speed at which they cut. Dynatech manufactures PCD heads for all types of machines, From 7” OD cutters for walk behind units and Graco™ style riders to the big 24” OD Truck Mount Grinders  Dynatech has the Diamond experience and expertise to make your job MORE PROFITABLE  Diamonds from the Diamond People! Dynatech is also the ONLY company to manufacture Diamond Blades, PCD Heads AND the equipment they go on  walk behind and rider units, skid steer units, and full function truck units!

PCD - Polycrystalline Diamond

PCD is a composite of diamond particles sintered together with a metallic binder. Diamond is the hardest, and the most abrasion resistant, of all materials. PCD consists of micron-sized synthetic diamond powders bonded together by sintering at high pressures and temperatures. These synthetic Polycrystalline Diamonds are produced using and short and powerful explosion that transforms graphite into the Diamond. The process yields Polycrystalline Diamond Crystals each consisting of thousands of micro crystallites bonded together.

How does it work?

The Plates are similar to diamond blades but there are no spacers between them, they actually lock into each other. Each plate has cutterz bolted on it – these plates slide on to a mandrel – like a drum, the endcap is what tightens the assembly. The result is the cutterz forming a pattern like a barber pole – one cutter shaves the pavement at a time for that 1/10th of a second – then the next, and the next and each cutter is backed up 4 times for less cutter stress and greater speed and efficiency.

How can PCD’s save me money?

  • The PCD heads are almost the same cost as diamond saw blade heads
  • They last twice as long
  • They cut 2-3 times faster
  • When they do wear out  they only cost HALF as much because you’re only replacing the Cutterz.
pcd-18-head-rounds.jpg  image03764.jpg bigdrill343.jpg

Why are PCD’s so much faster?

When you think about the physics of a diamond saw blade head  making contact with the pavement all at once, and think about all that power and torque involved to make that operation happen. 

Now think about our PCD Dyna Cutterz heads  the patternof a barber pole and each cutter shaving the surface atthat 1/10th of a second, then the next and The next  this

makes you able to do more with less.Our small diameter heads are powered by 20 hp Graco andEdco units! It makes the power you have more efficientand saves on equipment costs and fuel costs as well!The PCD Diamonds are stronger so they will allow forfaster travel speeds by 2-3 times this SAVES you moneyon the amount of time that you are set up and operating ona project  cuts it BY A THIRD!! - THAT’S PROFIT!!!

Don’t waste Profit – Put it in your pocket!

  • UNIVERSAL Mounting – Hex/1 3/4”/2”/3” - ANYTHING! 
  • More convenience in Changing Cutterz, WAY less down time
  • One time buy” on plates/arbor/end plates means you SAVE!
  • No expensive drum to “balance” or put on with a crane or lift
  • 3 to 4 times FASTER CUTTING! 
  • LONGER Life than Diamond Blades and Carbide
  • Lower Horsepower required  not all teeth touch at once like diamond/carbide heads 20% Cheaper and 4x the Life
  • Line removal at speeds so fast your vacuum can’t keep up!


image0399999.pngWhy Dynatech?

We are the ONLY MANUFACTURER OF DIAMONDS AND EQUIPMENT for the Pavement Marking Industry  We are the only ones that make BOTH. Our PCD system is better than any other period  our engineers have over 30 years experience.

Making the Virtgen drums and cutters exclusively here in the US and we put that ingenuity to work in a big way! Our Patented System is hands

down better designed and better built  the catch is that it is NOT more expensive  let me say that again, OURS IS ACTUALLY LESS EXPENSIVE! And our equipment is matched with the best diamond cutters and blades to give our customers a true advantage over their competition and makes them more profitable.