3-4 Times Faster and TWICE the life of Diamond Blades!

Turn your Scarfing Machine into a Huge Money Maker, Much Faster and Last Tons longer than Carbide or Diamond Blades. Our system is Better Engineered and Better Built – Note, unlike Diamond Saw Blade Sets -  the whole PCD Head Cutting head does NOT touch at the same time, this make the power. You have more efficient and you are able to do more work faster!

Dynatech’s flat Cutterz for Asphalt and line removal give a SMOOTH Flat beautiful finish. Dynatech’s Rounds for Concrete/Asphalt inlay and Line removal give the corduroy look like a diamond blade finish. This Dramatically changes the possibilities of using your scarifying machine, It makes the power more efficient and it allows for the user to not have to change Carbide heads so often – both will make your operation more profitable!

graco-630-grind-laser-with-pcd-head.png graco-630-grind-laser-with-pcd-head.png

PCD - Polycrystalline Diamond

PCD is a composite of diamond particles sintered together with a metallic binder. Diamond is the hardest, and the most abrasion resistant, of all materials. PCD consists of micron-sized synthetic diamond powders bonded together by sintering at high pressures and temperatures. These synthetic Polycrystalline Diamonds are produced using and short and powerful explosion that transforms graphite into the Diamond. The process yields Polycrystalline Diamond Crystals each consisting of thousands of micro crystallites bonded together.

How can PCD’s save me money? 

  • The PCD heads are almost the same cost as diamond saw blade heads
  • They last more than 2-3 times as long
  • They cut 2-3 times faster
  • Thermo Paint and Plasti do not stick to the Cutterz or gum up like carbide/diamond blades
  • Choice of either Asphalt flat Cutterz or Concrete/Aspahlt Rounds. 

Why are PCD’s so much faster?

When you think about the physics of a diamond saw blade head – making contact with the pavement all at once, and think about all that power and torque involved to make that operation happen.

Now think about our PCD Dyna Cutterz heads – the pattern of a barber pole and each cutter shaving the surface at that 1/10th of a second, then the next and The next – this makes you able to do more with less. Our small diameter heads are powered by 20 hp Graco and Edco units! It makes the power you have more efficient and saves on equipment costs and fuel costs as well!

The PCD Diamonds are stronger so they will allow for faster travel speeds by 2-3 times – this SAVES you money on the amount of time that you are set up and operating on a project – cuts it BY A THIRD!! - THAT’S PROFIT!!!

Don’t waste Profit – Put it in your pocket!


3-4 Times Faster and TWICE the life of Diamond Blades!

Our system is Better Engineered and Better Built
Replacement costs are HALF of the initial purchase
Initial purchase is a FRACTION of any competitor.