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Construction Equipment

Dynatech also has a complete line of construction equipment to compliment our diamond saw blades and core drill bits. We carry items such as concrete floor grinders, concrete chain saws and replacement diamond chains from these quality manufacturers:

  • Diamond Products
  • Dimas Target
  • ICS
  • Husqvarna

Yamaha power generators and inverters are also a good way to power your core drill rigs or your concrete saws - check them out!

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construction-diteq.jpg construction-vacuum11121231.jpg construction-flex34535.jpg construction-generators3213.jpg
Diteq Vacuum Systems Flex Grinders Tools Polishing Pads Yamaha Generators
construction-pumps.jpg construction-remote.jpg construction-fire.jpg construction-mixer.jpg
Pumps Remote Demolition Fire and Rescue Cement Mixers
construction-power-trowel.jpg construction-protective.jpg core-acc-metabo67556.jpg construction-pearlsda.jpg
Power Trowels Protective Equipment Metabo Grinders and Power Tools Pearl