PCD Cutterz

PCD Cutters have been used for years to drill oil wells and mining hard materials. PCD’s are made from the same diamonds that we use to make our Diamond Saw Blades. The small crystals are put in a mold with tremendous heat and pressure, they are turned into a PCD insert. Contact Us to learn more. 


Our specs and bonds are superior to anything else – at Dynatech, the insert is made with higher quality Diamonds, better bonding agents – with a Superior seamless connection, and a stronger Carbide substrate which gives you a faster cutting tool that will last longer and be more profitable.


These Dyna Cutterz PCD inserts have greatly increased the life of the cutting head and the speed at which they cut. Dynatech manufactures PCD heads for all types of machines, From 7” OD cutters for walk behind units and Graco™ style riders to the big 24” OD Truck Mount Grinders – Dynatech has the Diamond experience and expertise to make your job MORE PROFITABLE – Diamonds from the Diamond People! Dynatech is also the ONLY company to manufacture Diamond Blades, PCD Heads AND the equipment they go on – walk behind and rider units, skid steer units, and full function truck units!

  • 3 to 4 times FASTER CUTTING!
  • LONGER Life than Diamond Blades and Carbide
  • Lower Horsepower required – not all teeth touch at once like diamond/ carbide heads
  • 20% Cheaper and 4x the Life
  • Line removal at speeds so fast your vacuum can’t keep up!