Q. How many types of diamond core drill bits does Dynatech sell?

A. Dynatech offers four different types of diamond core drill bits to fit your drilling needs. Learn more about the four types offered and also the core drill rigs they're designed to fit.

  • Dynatech Premium R-dry
  • Diamond Core Drill Bits
  • Dynatech Premium Hand Held Diamond Core Drill Bits
  • Dynatech Premium Drill Rig Type Diamond Core Bits

Q. Can Dynatech help me use my core drill drill bits and rigs better?

A. Yes! By offering only the best core drill bits and rigs, Dynatech is able to offer a premium drilling experience to every user. With resources like our How-To drilling video, it's easy for anyone to improve their drilling techniques and practices!

Q. Can I order custom diamond core drill bits through Dynatech?

A. Dynatech looks forward to working with you to design your custom length, width or type of custom core drill bit. With a broad range of customizable features, Dynatech can help you put diamonds to work for your project.

Q. Is Dynatech equipment sturdy enough for everyday use?

A. Yes, in fact Dynatech equipment is designed to withstand the rigor of day in, day out use. Dynatech knows the abuse machinery can undergo during demanding jobs on a daily basis, and all of our rigs and core drill bits are designed to give you the maximum drill precision and quality despite the everyday challenges of drilling.

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