Q. Can high speed gas saws be used indoors?

A. Yes. In fact, some of our saws, such as the Husqvarna K750 are particularly suited to be used indoors because of the muffled sound and conservative fume output. Because gas saws are relatively light-weight and easy to maneuver, they are ideal for working on projects inside construction sites or outdoors in areas that do not allow for larger concrete cutters to work. Depending on the blade and project, these drills may be used wet or dry.

Q. What types of cutting are high speed gas saws best for?

A. These saws can be used for a variety of jobs, depending on what your need is and what blades you fit the machinery with. Some of the applications of high speed gas saws include concrete cutting of all depths, utility line maintenance, demolition work, landscaping and asphalt cutting and masonry work. Depending on what job you think your saw will be used for most, you may want to consider the strengths of the various saws offered by Dynatech.

Q. Does Dynatech offer accessories for my high speed gas saws?

A. Yes. Dynatech offers a variety of high speed gas saw accessories, including Husqvarna airflow regulators and Husqvarna hydraulic power packs. These accessories will help your equipment function at its very best so you can get the job done. Because Dynatech offers a wide variety of high speed saws, supplementary accessories and also diamond saw blades to fit your equipment, you can find everything you need for your cutting job here.

Q. Can I find high speed saw blades to fit my gas saws at Dynatech?

A. Yes! Dynatech offers a wide variety of diamond saw blades and abrasive blades designed to fit in handheld high speed gas saws such as the Husqvarna and Diamond Product Speedi-Cut saws. You can change these blades based on your needs and use your high speed gas saw for multiple types of cutting jobs. Having trouble finding the right blade for your handheld saw? Check the online specifications to see what types of jobs your high speed saw was designed for or contact us to assist in ordering the right blade.

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