Dynatech saw blades were used to install the very first casting ever installed using diamond saw blades. that was in 1978. we are very proud that today, more than 90% of all raised pavement markers in and outside of the united states are installed using Dynatech diamond saw blades and equipment.

There is only one reason we have the majority of this business, it is Because we are the VERY BEST at what we do.

Performance = Savings

The cheapest price is never the better product, Dynatech Diamond Heads and Pavement Marking Equipment are the best products available. Our Diamond Blades have always given the LOWEST COST PER CUT anywhere and our new PCD Heads are no exception – our products SAVE you money and MAKE YOUR OPERATION MORE PROFITABLE – PERIOD!

Seldom is the most expensive option the best or the most profitable, and the cheapest option is never the best. We pride ourselves on our Customer Service and HELPING our customers, again this is something you just do not find today. Our Pavement Marking Equipment is Over Built for strength and dependability. Our stuff works right from day one And is very dependable – if for some reason you are having issues, we make it right. We stay with you For the long haul and make sure that you make your time and money back in volumes.

It’s Something that we take personally here at Dynatech and we have great pride on our Customer service – we are on the THIRD GENERATION and we are having record year sales. As we continue To grow and improve we will never forget what it is that made us successful – Our Customers.

One important fact is that - We are the ONLY MANUFACTURER OF DIAMONDS AND EQUIPMENT for the Pavement Marking Industry – We are the only ones that make BOTH. Our PCD system is better than any other period – our engineers have over 30 years experience.

Our Engineers have been making the Virtgen drums and cutters exclusively Under exclusive contract here in the US and we have put that ingenuity to work in a big way!

Our Patented System is hands down better designed and better built – the catch is that it is NOT more expensive – let me say that again, OURS IS ACTUALLY LESS EXPENSIVE! And our equipment is matched with the best diamond cutters and blades to give our customers a true advantage over their competition and makes them more profitable.

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