Dynatech saw blades far out cut other blades in both speed and blade life, making Dynatech the leader in diamond saw blades. Dynatech saw blades far out cut other blades in both speed of cut and footage. NO ONE can compare  We were the first and we are STILL THE BEST!



Dynatech custom blends our blades especially for your area and equipment to insure the fastest installation and the highest production rates. Dynatech custom blends our blades especially for your area and equipment to insure the highest production rates. REAL numbers! Call for raw data figures and highly satisfied customer references!



The first marker ever installed with diamond saw blades was installed using Dynatech blades. Over 90% of ALL raised pavement markers installed in the United States were installed using Dynatech diamond saw blades. Dynatech saw blades have installed more pavement marking materials than all other companies combined!



Highest production rates, fast trouble free installations, and the lowest costs per cut - THAT’S REAL VALUE!!


100,000 plus feet from one set of  Dynatech diamond saw blades for tape installation. That’s less than .01 cents per foot on a 5” wide cut - THAT’S REAL VALUE! HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of FOOTAGE from one set of Dynatech saw bladesPENNIES per foot, REAL VALUE!




Avoid Costly Downtime:

  • Cheaper Blades that Heat Up and Glaze Over
  • When you’re road crew is down, TIME IS MONEY
  • What seems like a little savings ends up costing you HUGE
  • Dynatech Blades are the Fasting Cutting Best Performing – Lowest Cost Per Cut PERIOD!
  • Go Dynatech, You’ll be glad you did!