iPad Programmable Skid Steer Attachment

  • Slot Cutter (Banana or Recessed Cuts)
  • Plunge Cutter (Raised Pavement Marker Cuts)
  • Line Removal – Up to 5” wide
  • Inlay Grooving – Up to 5” wide
  • Either Side Mount for Easier Traffic Control
 image007.jpg image009.jpg 
 image011.jpg image013.jpg   image015.jpg

Sharpening Tray

  • Portable solution for sharpening Diamond Blades
  • Replaceable Stone Inserts and locking mechanism
  • Can pick up with Fork lift or Pallet Jack or by Hand
  • Light Weight
  • Spike dig into pavement for stability
 image026.jpg image022.jpg 
 image024.jpg image028.jpg 

Custom Shop Conversions:

  • Shot Blaster into Floating Head Inlay/Removal Machine
  • If you can dream it, We can built it!

  • Our Fab shop is second to none in innovations

  • Turn your equipment that isn’t not being used into money makers!

shop1.png  shop2.png 
 shop3.png shop4.png

Truck Conversions

  • Rebuild or Reman your Equipment and SAVE $$$
  • Revamping and Restoring older trucks SAVE on Tier4 final and other EPA laws

  • Vacuum Set ups and Revamps – Add to your existing or start fresh!

  • Grinder truck conversions – Remove the Scarify equipment and add PCD Heads!

big11.jpg  big2.jpg  big3.jpg 
 big4.jpg  big5.jpg big6.jpg 

Scarify Machine Conversions

  • Converting to PCD makes “Night and Day difference”
  • 3-4 Times faster and Twice the life of Diamond Blades
  • Line Removal PCD Head “Life” expectancy longer than the machines!
  • Used day on and day out for years of Money making Service
  • Our Customers are saying “We could have saved hundreds of hours this year if we had this sooner”

 scare1.jpg scare2.jpg  scare3.jpg 
 scare4.jpg scare5.jpg   scare6.jpg

Wire Wheel Heads for Concrete Sealer Removal

  • Thicker Gauge Wire
  • Specially Coated for LONGER LIFE
  • Dynatech Arbor and others available too
 wire11.jpg wire2.jpg  wire3.jpg 

24” Wide Floating Head Box for PCD Heads

  • Same Great Heavy Duty Design as Dynatech FH 6000
  • Electric Actuators
  • Head tilts in all directions giving that consistent thickness for Grooving and Removal
  • Sisor wheel design proven 
241.jpg  242.jpg 
 243.jpg 244.jpg 

Ski Options for Floating Head Box Wheels

  • Allows wheels to convert into Ski function for rumble strips for corners

Spools for Diamond Saw Blade Packs

  • ALL Sizes and ALL Types, Fits ANY Truck
  • FREE with 7” or wider head – ½ Price with 5” head!
  • Built with solid strength here in the USA!
 spool1.jpg spool2.jpg  spool3.jpg 
 spool4.jpg spool5.jpg   

Vacuum Systems and After Filter Systems

 image00056567.jpg image065566510.jpg 

Dynatech Rider with Floating Head Box – Trolly for after Filter


After Filter in front of Vacuum on platform


After filter baghouse


Bin holds 1,000 plunge cuts 



Read mounted after filter built into truck bed for lower clearance



Heavy Duty Strong Dynatech Equipment is built for YEARS of trouble free service



Custom designs allow you to put your equipment where you want it



Plenty of room on truck bed - Dynatech Vacuum – Large capacity Bin


Dynatech Floating Head Rider Saw   


Shown with optional after filter bag


Custom vacuum mounting 


Swing away design for maintenance and service


Portable Vacuum used for Demo and Training


Bags are collapsed for travel 


Large After Filter Bags

Our Shop Pics

  • Milling Heads
  • Truck Builds
  • Large Capacity Custom Job Shop

Milling Heads

Conical style Milling heads

Large Diameter Milling Heads

Very large Milling heads in for servicing
Very large Milling heads in for servicing

Truck Builds

 truck1.jpg  truck2.jpg
 truck3.jpg  truck4.jpg


Large Capacity Custom Job Shop

 large1.jpg large22.jpg