Are you in the surface preparation business? Do you have a scarifying machine? Would you like to make more money with less costly overhead?

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Grow your surface preparation business using Dynatech’s PCD Scarify Head with Dyna Cutterz.

Diamond is the hardest and most abrasion resistant of all materials. PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) is a composite of diamond particles sintered together with a metallic binder. Dynatech makes their Cutterz out of Polycrystalline Diamond which are the only type of diamonds that have self-sharpening properties. This PCD structure opens new sharp edges with every use by releasing an outer layer of dull micro crystallites. Not only are Dyna Cutterz made from PCD but they're also engineered to save you money.

Think of a saw blade head hitting the hard surface of concrete all at once ... and the tremendous torque and power an engine needs to make this happen.

Now contrast this with the unique engineering of Dynatech PCD Cutterz. Shaped in a cylindrical pattern, like a barber pole, each cutter shaves away a hard surface in 1/10th of a second. Then the next cutter whirls around and shaves off more surface area in 1/10 of a second, and then another and another ... you get the picture.

There are Two Dyna PCD Cutterz Shapes Available:

  • Flat
  • Round

Dynatech’s Flat Cutterz are best used on asphalt for line removal and provide a smooth finish.

Dynatech’s Round Cutterz work best on concrete/asphalt inlay and for line removal. The finished look of these Cutterz appears like corduroy when done

Here are some EXTRA reasons why you should use Dynatech’s PCD Scarify Head with Dyna Cutterz:

  • Universal Mounting – Hex 1 3/4” | 2” | 3”
    • That's right, mount Dyna PCD Cutterz to almost any equipment configuration. Say goodbye to lost downtime trying to piecemeal scarifying heads together with your own equipment.
  • More Convenience in Changing Cutterz, WAY Less Down Time
    • Replacing PCD Cutterz is simple thanks to Dynatech's easy cutter removal system. Keep your focus on the job by ONLY changing Cutterz when needed.
  • “One Time Buy” on Plates / Arbor / End Plates Means You SAVE!
    • No need to replace your entire Dynatech scarifying head over and over. Save money by only buying core scarifying head components ONCE.
  • No Expensive Drum to “Balance” or Put on With a Crane or Lift
    • Simplify your work by ONLY replacing plates on the mandrel as needed.
  • 3 to 4 Times FASTER CUTTING!
    • Dyna PCD Cutterz cut faster thanks to their unique barber pole design. Rather than working separate, each cutter shares its load with 3 to 4 other cutters aligned in series to speed up the scarifying process.
  • LONGER Life Than Diamond Blades and Carbide
    • Thanks to its PCD composition and "barber pole" design, Dyna PCD Cutterz, outlast both diamond and carbide blades by a longshot.
  • Lower Horsepower Required – Not all Teeth Touch at Once Like Diamond/Carbide Heads
    • It takes less horsepower, and thus less fuel, to drive Dyna PCD Scarifying Heads. Because not all teeth touch the paved surface at once you can do more with less.
  • Thermo Paint and Plasti Do Not Stick to the Cutterz or Gum Up Like Carbide/Diamond Blades
    • Dyna Cutterz resist gumming up over paint and plasti. This can be a significant time safer on big projects.
  • 20% Cheaper and 4x the Life
    • Dyna PCD Scarifying Heads are 20% cheaper than other blades and last 4x longer too. This means higher profit margins per job and more money in your pocket!
  • Line Removal at Speeds so Fast Your Vacuum Can’t Keep Up!
    • Dynatech Scarifying Heads are so efficient that your vacuum will be hard pressed to capture all the dust.
  • Almost the Same Cost as Diamond Saw Blades BUT Last 4x - 10x LONGER!
    • Dyna PCD Scarifying Heads cost almost the same as Diamond Saw Blades. But the real saving happens by replacing the Cutterz ONLY as you need. Gone are the days of changing blades all at once. Dynatech's revolutionary approach now saves you money over time.

Dynatech’s PCD Scarifying Head is a revolutionary design which saves you time and money. What makes it so unique is the core component used in its construction — Polycrystalline Diamonds (or PCD) which have self-sharpening properties.

Also, these PCD Scarifying Heads, are engineered ina cylindrical pattern, like a barber pole, which frees each cutter to cut away a surface in a sequential manor rather than all at once. This unique scarifying approach saves you time and money.

More About Dynatech

Dynatech is the only company to both manufacture Diamond Blades, PCD Milling Heads, and the equipment they go on. Their ‘cutting-edge’ technology harnesses the benefits of diamonds and puts them to work for you. They have a long history of satisfied clients both in the U.S. and around the globe.

They are experts in craft and eager to pass their knowledge and expertise onto you.


For more information please call 1-800-446-9001 or go [here] to place your order today.